We're here to help with all your statistical needs.

You can ask for our support in all data analysis processes that you might need in professional working life. We do our best to meet your needs for an article, project or evaluation by analysing the data that you possess in the most accurate manner. Therefore, you reserve more time to your field of expertise, and we complete the data analyses and reportings for you.

Preparing a Research Plan

Planning is the first step for almost everything. When the job is done, client must be satisfied with the results. This is why preparing the research plan is so much important. Collecting the trustworthy data, selecting the right technique for analysis and achieving the reliable result that meets the Clients’ needs are essential. Each step affect the latter one, should be planned in a sensitive manner.


Sampling is a method of representative data or observations from a group. To achieve the reliable result that meets the Clients’ needs, there should be an adequate number of observations, which is optimized by minimum data collection budget and maximum representative sample. Deciding the right sample size is another step of analysis which requires professional statistical approach.

Questionnaire Design

A questionnaire is a set of questions for gathering information from individuals. Designing a questionnaire requires professional perspective. To achieve the trustworthy data, questionnaire design should be handled professionally. Clients, requesting questionnaire design, are informed about the details of planning the steps of questionnaires, which is one of the quantitative data collection methods. Our questionnaire design is limited to paper-pencil-questionnaires or web based questionnaires.

Data collection

Data Collection is an important aspect of any type of research study. Inaccurate data collection can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results. Because of this, we do not participate in any professional field that is beyond our knowledge. When data collection is requested, apart from questionnaire design, it is collected through questionnaire method only. We administer questionnaires by mail, as paper-pencil-questionnaires, or electronically (i.e., by e-mail or through web-based questionnaires).

Data entry

The performed questionnaires are transferred to computer environment with care by conducting suitable encoding to the questions in survey format. For consistency of the data to be obtained, incomplete and erroneous question forms are cancelled and/or transformed into a form suitable for analysis.


This is essential part where we report the findings of the statistical analysis to the client. Besides writing down the results of a statistical analysis, client should clearly understand what the result is. The data found after data analysis are made into a report by using visual elements such as graphs, charts and tables.

Data analysis

Choosing the most fit-for-purpose technique is very important for the quality of the study. The most techniques used for the analysis are as follows: Frequency Distribution, Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Median, Mode, Standart Deviation, Variance), Comparing Means (Means, One-Sample T Test, Independent-Samples T Test, Paired-Samples T Test, One-Way ANOVA, Univariate, Multivariate, Repeated Measures, Variance Components, Sample K-S, Independent Samples, K Independent Samples, 2 Related Samples, K Related Samples), Cross-Tabulation, Chi-Square Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Text Analytics, Social Network Analysis.


We provide professional service for your business, e.g. marketing, product design, manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, or industry, etc. as well as for individuals who seek statistical guidance. Good consulting requires a strong technical background in statistics, good people skills, and a good business sense. Besides business consulting, we provide one-to-one statistical education for graduate students who seek support and advice for their education and individuals who are curious to learn more about statistics. We also offer professional data analysis services to academical researchers with complex statistical or data management projects.

We have three tiers of statistical plans which you can choose from:

We have prepared 3 plans which are commonly used by our customers. These plans are just to demonstrate the general work flow of different 3 different type of studies. You can always ask for a specific solution related to your own study.

Academic Solutions

  • Questionnaire design
  • Data entry
  • Data editing and coding
  • Choosing and applying the right statistical technique
  • Reporting the results of the applied analysis

Business Solutions

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Market Analysis Research
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Benchmarking
  • Sales Analysis

Statistical Guidance

  • Statistical Consultancy
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Social Network Analysis
  • SPSS Statistics